Magic Juice

Back up battery for Apple iPad, iPhone and any USB-rechargeable device

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Charge once your iPad or twice your iPhone.

Recharges by USB or by Mobee Inductive chargers.

Never run out of power again!

The world's first compact battery to power your mobile devices, which recharges wirelessly and by USB.  Mobee understands that as a mobile device user, you often need more power during the day. This stylish Applesque device is very compact and exceptionally powerful thanks to its 5'200 mAh capacity. This is also one of the very first devices on the market to match new Apple's requirement with 2.4 Amps output, making it the perfect charger for iPhone, iPad and of course any other device that can be recharged through USB, the Magic Juice is Universal.  Just place it on any Mobee flat charging station (Magic Charger, Magic Feet) to recharge and take it fully recharged when you need to leave the office.  The Magic Juice is a 'must have' accessory for those on the go.

Never run out of juice!

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- Pocket battery to charge your devices
- Powered to charge iPad/iPhone/iPod and more
- Inductive charging technology
- Made of recyclable materials

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inductive charge icon

Charges using induction

Be good to the environment, no need to dispose of alkaline batteries anymore.

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pocket icon

Small and Compact

Pocket sized for those on the go!


Recyclable materials

The Magic Juice is made of recyclable materials.

charging output icon

Apple compliant

Compliant to Apple's charging standard 2.4A Output

Quick start guide

To recharge the Magic Juice, there are 2 methods :
A By connecting the Magic Juice into any available USB port.
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B By using an existing Mobee Magic Charger or Magic Feet (not included)
magicfeet_charge_juice juicecharger
2. Connect the Magic Juice to your device in order to recharge your iphone, ipod or ipad.
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Packaging *


*packaging may vary depending on your region

What's included in the Pack

- rechargeable battery

- Micro-USB cable 

- carrying bag

- User Manual

Technical Specifications

- Battery Type : Li-ion

- Battery Capacity : 5200mAh 

- Input : USB 5V 1A max

- Output : USB 5V 2.4A max

- Wireless charging current : 300-450mA by Magic Feet/180-220mA by Magic Charger

- Full charge time : 8 hrs by micro USB/16 hrs by Magic Feet/30 hrs by Magic Charger

- USB cable length : 1m 10cm

- Warranty : 12 months