Magic Charger

Battery + Charger Station
for your Apple Magic Mouse

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Don't throw away AA batteries any more!

Our Magic Charger is the world’s first wireless, eco-friendly, inductive charger for Apple’s Magic Mouse™

Be good to the planet and to your wallet! Never replace batteries again with the Magic Charger for the Apple Magic Mouse. Just plug the Magic Charger into a USB port on your computer and it's ready to re-charge the Magic Mouse, wirelessly!

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Incredibly easy to use - Simply replace your AA batteries with Mobee’s rechargeable battery pack and place the Mouse on the power pad to charge.

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Lasting power - Mobee’s Magic Charger delivers full inductive power to Apple’s Magic Mouse – lasting up to eight days (without recharging) for worry-free pointing and clicking.

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Lose the desk clutter - Mobee’s slim, straightforward design removes cable clutter. And its compact size and light weight makes the Magic Charger an easy travel companion.

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Cost effective solution

Never pay for battery replacement again. Recover the purchase cost of Mobee’s Magic Charger™ within one year of home usage or six months of office usage. 

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A greener way to use your devices

Be good to the planet by not using AA or disposable batteries (8 days autonomy after a full charge).


Made of recyclable materials

The Magic Charger is made of recyclable materials.

Quick start guide

  • 1 quickstardguide_battery01

    Remove the 2 AA batteries from your Apple Magic Mouse.

  • 2 quickstardguide_battery02

    Insert the Mobee Battery Pack in place of the 2 AA batteries.

  • 3 quickstardguide_usbconnect

    Connect the Charging Station to any available USB port.

  • 4 quickstardguide_charger04

    Place the Apple Magic Mouse on the Charging Station and let it charge.

Packaging *


*packaging may vary depending on your region

What's included in the Pack

- Charging Base Station
- Battery Pack
- Micro-USB Cable
-User Manual

Technical Specifications

- Base Station Size: 4.64 in x 2.55 in x 0.35 in / 118 mm x 65 mm x 9 mm
- Base Station Weight: 1.94 oz (55 g)
- Battery Weight: 1.30 oz (37 g)
- Autonomy: 8 days
 Full Charge Time: 10 hours
- Power Cons. on USB: 270 mA Max.
- Battery Life: 500 Cycles
- Cable Length: 43.3 in (110 cm)
- Warranty: One year

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