Magic Feet

A universal Charging Station
for all your Apple input devices

See video demo

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Don't throw away AA batteries any more!

Our Magic Feet charges either the Apple Wireless Keyboard (2AA version) or the Apple Magic Trackpad, and the Apple Magic Mouse, wirelessly. It can charge up to 3 devices at once. A full charge from empty takes 10 hours and each charged device can last for 10 days.


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The Magic Feet’s beautiful design fits perfectly among the Apple products on your desk. It is intended to sit under your monitor or iMac as a stylish complement. The Magic Feet, and indeed, all of our products are easy to install, simple to use, cost-effective and very eco-friendly.

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Cost effective Solution

Never pay for battery replacement again. Recover the purchase cost of Mobee’s Magic Charger™ within one year of home usage or six months of office usage.

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A greener way to use your devices

Be good to the planet by not using AA or disposable batteries.

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Charge up to three devices

Simultaneously charge your Keyboard (2AA version) and Magic Mouse, or your Trackpad and Magic Mouse. All devices can continue to operate while being charged.

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Made of recyclable materials

The Magic feet is made of recyclable materials.


Adds four USB ports to your Mac

Quick start guide

  • 1 quickstardguide_feet01

    Remove the 2 AA batteries from your Apple Magic Mouse and insert the Mobee Rechargeable Battery pack in place of the 2 AA batteries.

  • 2 quickstardguide_feet02

    Remove the 2 AA batteries from your Apple Wireless Keyboard or Apple Magic Trackapd and insert the Cylinder Mobee Rechargeable Battery Pack in place of the 2 AA batteries.

  • 3 quickstardguide_feet03

    Connect the Charging Station to any USB Port and plug in the power transformer to an AC outlet.

  • 4 quickstardguide_feet04

    Install your Apple devices on the Charging Station and let them charge.

  • 5 quickstardguide_feet05

    The Magic feet is also a 4-Port USB hub for your USB devices.

Packaging *


*packaging may vary depending on your region

What's included in the Pack

- One Apple Wireless Keyboard or Magic Trackpad (2AA version) Battery pack
- One Magic Mouse Battery pack
- Charging Base station
- Micro-USB Cable
- AC Adaptor (110-240V)
- User Manual

Technical Specifications

- Base Station Size: 302.5x108.9x25 mm
- AC Adaptor: 110-200V (EU, US, UK & AU plugs)
- Base Station Weight: 13.40oz/380g

Battery Weight
- Keyboard/Trackpad: 1.34oz/38g
- Magic Mouse: 1.30oz/37g

- Apple Wireless Keyboard: 10 days
- Magic Trackpad: 10 days
- Magic Mouse: 8 days

Full Charge Time
- Apple Wireless Keyboard: 10 hours
- Magic Trackpad: 10 hours
- Magic Mouse: 10 hours

- Cable Length: 105 cm
- Warranty: One Year

Compatible with the 2AA battery version of the Apple Wireless Keyboard

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