Power Bar

Rechargeable USB Battery Pack
for your Apple Magic Trackpad

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A full charge from empty takes 6 hours and last for 10 days.

The Battery Pack is recharged with a Micro-USB cable, included in the box. Please note, it is not rechargeable using the Magic Bar or Magic Feet.


The Power Bar is designed to fit into the Magic Trackpad specifically and to sit comfortably alongside the other Apple products on your desk. The Power Bar, and indeed, all of our products are easy to install, easy to use, are cost-effective and very eco-friendly.


USB powered

Plug the cable to any USB port to allow the recharge. You don't even need an external power supply.


Cost effective solution

Never pay for battery replacement again. Recover the purchase cost of Mobee’s Magic Charger™ within one year of home usage or six months of office usage.


A greener way to use your devices

Be good to the planet by not using AA or disposable batteries (10 days autonomy after a full charge).

Quick start guide

  • 1 quickstardguide_keyb01

    Remove the 2 AA batteries from your Apple Wireless Keyboard or Apple Magic Trackpad.

  • 2 quickstardguide_keyb02

    Insert the Power Bar into your Apple device.

  • 3 quickstardguide_usbconnect

    Connect the USB cable to any available USB port.

  • 4 quickstardguide_powerbar04

    Connect the Micro USB cable into the Power Bar for recharge or instant use.

Packaging *


*packaging may vary depending on your region

What's included in the Pack

- Cylindrical Battery Pack (2AA size)
- Micro-USB cable
- User Manual

Technical Specifications

- Replacement Battery Weight: 1.34oz / 38g
- Autonomy: 10 days
- Full Charge Time: 6 hours
- Power Consumption on USB: 200mA Max
- Battery Life: 500 Cycles
- Cable Length: 31.49in / 80cm
- Warranty: 12 months

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